Washington has clear proof of Russia’s involvement in cyberattacks on US


The outgoing US President Barack Obama is meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Talking about cybersecurity, Obama said that Washington has ‘clear proof’ of Russia’s involvement in cyberattacks on the US.

«In terms of my conversations with President Putin, these are conversations that took place before the election. As I indicated, there has been very clear proof that they have engaged in cyber-attacks,» Obama told reporters in Germany.

Obama explained that there are a number of states where the United States has seen low-level cyber-attacks and industrial espionage.

«While we recognize Russia’s intelligence gathering that’s sometimes taking place even if we don’t like it, there is a difference between that and other meddling in election or going after private organizations or commercial entities,» Obama continued.

He then said that he views Russia as a ‘military superpower’: «My view on Russia has not changed since my first day in office. Russia is an important superpower, a military superpower, it has influence in the region as well as worldwide.» Commenting on the issue of the relations between Russia and Germany in her turn, Merkel said that Russia is Europe’s neighbor and there is mutual interest in keeping good relations.»