Vladimir Putin: falsification of history lead to disunity of countries and peoples

Russian President Vladimir Putin has voiced confidence that cynical attitude towards history leads to the dissociation of peoples.

«We can see what risks are posed by cynical attitude towards the past, how the falsification and attempts to manipulate historical facts lead to disunity of countries and peoples, the emergence of new dividing lines and shaping the enemy image,» he said at a meeting of the Victory organizing committee.

«Of course, unfortunately, there are other approaches to history when they try to turn it into political and ideological weapons,» Putin noted.

Putin stressed that the «revision of history actually paves the way for reviewing the foundations of the contemporary world order, erosing the key principles of international law and security that emerged after the Second World War,» TASS cited Putin as saying.

He noted that «this is fraught with huge risks for all of us today.»