ДомойSMIVideo: the biggest iPad tested

Video: the biggest iPad tested

Video the biggest iPad tested

Great EverythingApplePro, leading to YouTube your channel, tested the new tablet from . Slim gadget with a 12.9-inch display, users seemed more fragile than its predecessors with a more modest screen size. However, their expectations were not met.

Tablet with honour has stood all tests to which they subjected him. First, the blogger dropped it on the concrete floor. To appeared on the screen strip and he ceased to respond to touch, had to do it several times. In this case, the glass remained intact.

Then the experimenter tried to bend the iPad Pro hands. Managed to do it with great difficulty. The glass was cracked, but it was obvious that the gadget continues to function.

Recall, the iPad Pro was officially presented at the presentation of Apple in early September. 12.9-inch tablet equipped with a 64-bit processor AH, four stereo speakers, an 8-megapixel iSight camera and supports the fastest of the currently-available LTE 300 Mbps. The time battery life is 10 hours, the device performance is comparable to desktop computers.

Pre-order the iPad Pro was launched on the Apple website on November 11. To the tablet you can buy touch screen pen Pencil and case-keyboard Smart keyboard.

The first users who got an iPad Pro, pojalovat on it freezes during a long period of recharging. In the Apple announced that are working to resolve this issue.