The head of the Astrakhan region informed the President about the socio-economic situation in the region

November 19, 2015 the head of state Vladimir Putin met with Governor of Astrakhan region Alexander Zhilkin. The head of the Astrakhan region informed the President about the socio-economic situation in the region.

Here is the full text published on the website of the President of the Russian Federation.

A. Zhilkin: the Overall situation is calm and stable. The main macroeconomic indicators show steady positive growth. For 9 months the volume of industrial production 108 per cent, the gross regional product grew by 101 percent. Investment is forecast to hold at last year’s level, which is about 112 billion rubles.

Major projects are now under implementation and in the final stage is, of course, construction of the largest oil and gas deposits. You know, the field named after V. Filanovsky.

The second very interesting project – completed a full modernization, a deep modernization, financial capacious, our Russian «Russol» on lake Baskunchak in the extraction and processing of salt, which gave an opportunity this year to increase by 40 percent the volume of production. And, in principle, the following year, together with Sol-Iletsk solepromysel they come out to replace it is just salt the Russian consumer market of the Russian Federation.

I was informed that we have started the formation of the project of the Russian production of tomato paste. Today the factory is built very actively. In the season of next year leave to receive 28 thousand tons of tomato paste in January and start construction of the second plant of the same capacity.

All credit issues are resolved with the banks, support from the Ministry of agriculture as an import substitution – this is a 100% import substitution project is obtained. So for the next year will have its Russian tomato paste.

Vladimir Putin: the Farmers will also be provided in marketing?

A. Zhilkin: Yes, the sale is absolute. By the way, I can report that it is Russian investors. We go out even for export, it will be competitive. And, by the way, under the same theme – that You supported the project of creation of free industrial economic zone on the basis of shipbuilding plant included in WWTP zone «Lotus». Given the status of the first resident of the Russian company «Polycomplex», which starts in December in this area is the construction of a plant for the production of pipes for drip irrigation. But the uniqueness of that tube in that it is based on developments of Russian scientists, and this tube is obtained biodegradable. That is, after the season she was under the influence of moisture dissolves, and there is no environmental impact on nature in the form of flying tubes, packages. I believe that this unique project will be in terms of irrigation development in the Russian Federation.

And decrees known – they all go in the «road map» and for ramshackle and dangerous housing, and this year we finish the project on kindergartens. We have, in General, in principle, the queue will not be, but given that the demographic situation is positive for seven years, we this year have a big plus compared to mortality will continue in the framework of its regional possibilities, where you will need to build. So, overall the situation is stable.

Vladimir Putin: what about healthcare, as the [cardiac] center?

A. Zhilkin: the Center works, is admired by the population. Of course, the main problem was mortality and cardiovascular orientation. Today it became known, the Caspian States, and residents also use the services.

I want to tell You that we have seven points decreased mortality for this disease. People are very happy. By the way, for the first time, perhaps, this year we are on the study received real growth in the percentage of satisfaction with health care services actually in the Astrakhan region, which I think is just an indicator of those investments, which in recent years have been made. Including, of course, the lion’s share of the Federal budget as part of the project. In General, not only this heart center. Powerful built diagnostic center and cancer center, which allows today to stop many diseases.

We had traditional disease – tuberculosis, because we in this area are. This year also we have already reached the agreed road map, that is, the depreciation of the real, and the work continues.

Vladimir Putin: What problems do you consider the most pressing today?

A. Zhilkin: the Most pressing – we have not yet entered the «road map» for child mortality. It really is higher than the national average. We do not consider the construction of a new large perinatal centre, and appealed to the Government to consider the option of extensions to existing modern good maternity home, to ensure the joint efforts of the appropriate medical equipment, in order to get even lower than that recorded in the road map.

Otherwise, all problems can be solved.

Vladimir Putin: Very Well.