Skeleton of Russian general found inside coffin in Turkey’s Ardahan


A coffin thought to belong to a Russian general has been unearthed during foundation excavations for a construction project in the Turkish province of Ardahan, Doğan News Agency reported.

Workers found a coffin with cross on it during the foundation excavation for an apartment building in Ardahan’s Karagöl neighborhood. Authorities from the Kars Museum later inspected the field, discovering a coffin and a skeleton with rotten boats and a coat.

Ünver Solaklıoğlu, an archaeologist at the museum, suggested that the skeleton could belong to a Russian general who lived around 140 years ago in the area, according to initial examinations.

Hundreds of locals flocked to the construction area to view the coffin and the skeleton after reports circulated on social media, amid rumors that gold and valuable historical artifacts were unearthed at the scene.

The skeleton will be transferred to the Kars Museum after the prosecutor’s examination.