Riders are downloading this new ridesharing app Limofly for their unique features and pricing

Limofly ridesharing app is testing their lux model at this time in select areas and planning to launch services all over the U.S in next three months. Lux is the company’s low cost luxury ride option, driven by personal car drivers, and is a cost-effective ride that is reasonably priced a bit lower than other service providers.

Feature coming soon for employees
Limofly we will soon implement a feature that allows co-workers to easily carpool, paying only $60 per month, which helps employee save money and reduce traffic.

Request & track multiple rides
Limofly patent pending feature allow riders to request and track multiple rides if needed from single account. Very useful feature to riders when coordinating transportation for large groups or requiring multiple cars at a time.

User location access and privacy
Limofly doesn’t collect or save rider location data like other ride sharing apps, except to show pickup address to the driver when a ride is requested. Riders can enter pickup address manually if they don’t wish to share their location access.

Black car rides
Limofly black Sedan, SUV & Limousines are driven by limo company chauffeurs. Whether you want to pick up your loved one from the airport or arrive at a party in style, rides offered by limofly will make that easy and accessible. Request hourly rides for wine tours, parties, night out, birthday or prom parties where you pay only for hours used irrespective of hours booked.

Point-To-Point Rides and Airport Rides
Point-To-Point and Airport Rides are charged at $0.90 per mile. Unlike taxis and other ride sharing apps, whose meters continue to run up the fare even if they are stuck in traffic, riders with lux pay only for the distance they’re driven, not the time in the vehicle. The minimum fare for one of these rides is $3.00. Once the ride has concluded, passengers can pay by cash, or by a card that is on file. This app allows the users to add tip as optional and entire tip is paid to the driver.

Hourly Rides by limofly
Here, riders pay a flat fee of $40 per hour if they chose hourly rides. This can be a really nice way to go if riders want to go from place to place spread out across the city, or wish to take a ride for wine tours, parties, night out, birthday or prom parties where you pay only for hours used irrespective of hours booked.

Free ride
Ride is completely free if the driver is even a second late for trips booked at least 2 hours in advance. With limofly rides haring app, riders can request instantly or book a ride just two hours in advance from the limofly app. Riders will also have the option to cancel the ride with zero fees until up to fifteen minutes before the pickup time.

App referral program
Passengers that refer their friends to this service will receive 3 percent of their ride value on all rides they take up until October 31, 2017. This «reward» for the referral will be paid in cash weekly to the PayPal account of the individual that made the referral. A very nice way to get a bit of cash back, especially if friends get out and about, and use this safe, very convenient ride sharing service frequently.

Supporting the Community
To maintain a sustainable business, giving back to the community is vital. No matter how much we earn, a portion of our proceeds will be used to help the residents of the cities in which we operate. Our team will donate 20 percent of our profit to local schools.