ISIS is calling on sympathizers to carry out attacks on American churches during the Christmas holiday

The terror group has utilized propaganda online to encourage American Muslims to launch the attacks.

This most recent threat from ISIS will likely fall on many deaf ears, but for those who can’t help but be a little concerned hearing a threatening message such as this, a few local leaders shared their thoughts on the threats.

«Don’t be afraid of them.», said Miriam Amer, the Executive Director of CAIR Iowa. «They put those out all the time, they’re very… they say they’re Islamic, they’re not. Believe me, they’re not.»

The radical group has put out a list of U.S. churches that they want lone wolf attackers to target.

«I think it’s moments like this that really give us an opportunity to see where we have un-belief and then ask God to help us dig into that faith.», said Donovan Santamaria, the Pastor at Redeemer Church in Cedar Rapids.

He says for many, until something like this happens to us, it’s tough to imagine such a scenario.

«We wake up, you hear it on the news, and then we go shopping or go to work, or go about our business and in some ways I think that’s a survival mechanism. We can’t be living constantly on the edge of fear. There’s tons of things that can go wrong at any time.», said Santamaria.

According to Amer, we can be fearful of what the radical group has done, but we must not live in fear of them.

«I think people are blowing this out of proportion, they’re getting fearful of someone they’ll never see, God willing, they’ll never be approached by these people, and the ones that are doing these things, they are bad. They are not accepted by the general population of Muslims.», said Amer.

ISIS has taken credit for small-scale attacks around or in churches in Europe.

The terror group even put out a «kill list» last summer naming thousands of American citizens in all fifty states, but in the months since, there have been no attacks against anyone on that list.