In Astrakhan hosted the regional championship in powerlifting

In Astrakhan hosted the regional championship in powerlifting

31 October in Astrakhan driving school «DOSAAF Russia» at the address N. Ostrovsky, 127 passed the championship of the Astrakhan region on powerlifting.

In competition could participate Astrakhan older 13 years. Participants were assessed in the weight category 47 kg, 52 kg, 57 kg, 63 kg, 72 kg, 84 and over 84 kg (women), 59 kg, 66 kg, 74 kg, 83 kg, 93 kg, 105 kg, 120 and over 120 kg (men).

As you know, in powerlifting competitions involve performing three exercises (because this sport is also called power triathlon): bench press, squats and deadlift. For the lifter, unlike the bodybuilder, not the muscle definition and strength.

This year, the competition showed up, more than 60 people, so it was decided to form 2 participant flow.
The competition started with the speech of the fair sex. To raise the iron girls is not not assure the participants of the championship. And here the distinguished representative of the club «Vitamin» — Alexander Simonov. At the age of 17 she became not only the winner in the weight category up to 57 kg (297,5 kg), but also a champion in the overall classification, gaining points 352,5. Athlete train under the guidance of the master of sports Alexander Golovin. Second place overall went to Julia Mikhailova (305,4 points), she also became the winner in weight category to 52 kg with the amount of 245 kg. Third place went to Valeria Khakimova (241,4 points), it was also the first in the weight category up to 72 kg with the result of 237,5 kg. In command offset the first place took the team of the club «Vitamin» second club «-sports-planets», the third «arena».

Just behind the girls to show their «heroic power» were representatives of the stronger sex. Among them 2 masters of sports and 3 candidates for the master of sports. There has started a real healthy struggle. The weight lifted by the athletes, the spectators breath away.

First place in weight category to 66 kg was occupied with Evgeny Esin (490 kg). The winner in the category up to 74 kg Daniel became Scribes (562,5), he also performed the standard CCM. Left no chance to their rivals in the weight category up to 83 kg the master of sports Dmitry Markin, who won a total of 745 kg: 300 kg squat, 225 kg bench press and 220 kg deadlift. Also, the athlete became the second in the overall classification with 497,7 points.

The result of 695 pounds of first place in weight category to 93 kg won the candidate master of sports Alexander Perepechkin.

In the weight category up to 105 kg were master of sports Andrey Vazhov, he sat with 300 kg, benched lying 250 kg, deadlift — 280 lbs. In the amount of 830 kg. in addition, Andrew was the first overall championship, and collectively 500,9 points. The athlete trains under the guidance of the master of sports of international class Ruslan Adukov. Second place with a score of 740 kg was won by candidate master of sports Alexander Gusakov, he also became the third in absolute offset (461,4 points). In this category the third place went to candidate master of sports Sergey Tarkin, in total he scored 650 kg.

The palm in the weight category up to 120 kg was won by Vadim Hrulev (637,5 kg). Well, in the most severe category over 120 kg was won by Arthur Turuev. He collected 765 kg.

Following the results of competitions in a team competition the winners were the lifters from the sports club «Vitamin» (street Fighting), second place went to athletes from the club «-sports-planets», 3 place — «Vitamins» (St. B. Alexeev).

Among the participants were not only «experienced» of powerlifting, but also beginners. They won no prizes, no medals, but for the first time performed very well.

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