Idlib attack requires more balanced approach


The Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on the chemical attack in the Syrian Idlib.

There are forces that are working to de-legitimize the legal leadership of the Syrian Arab Republic, and there are terrorist forces and those who support terrorists,» Peskov said.

He also said that disagreements over the reported Idlib attack cannot change the spirit of Russia’s cooperation with the US. «Current disagreements, including deep disagreements, are constant companions of Russian-US ties, especially in recent years. Therefore, even such significant differences as the general assessment of the situation and the causes of the situation in Syria are unlikely to radically change the spirit and nature of our bilateral relations,» Sputnik cited the spokesman as saying.

Peskov stressed that Russia would consider a much more balanced approach necessary. «Ido not think it is possible to make some hasty assessments of what happened in the Syrian Idlib province,» Peskov told reporters.

The use of chemical weapons was «unacceptable,» he said, urging the Syrian army to ensure such arms did not fall into the hands of terrorists.