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FCP Euro to Compete in the 2017 American Endurance Racing Season with a Mercedes C300 Race Car

In 2016, FCP Euro competed in a grueling American Endurance Racing season with a BMW e30. The car completed 83 hours of racing and finished 8th out of 118 cars. Joining the BMW e30 in 2017 will be a newly built 2010 Mercedes-Benz C300.

«I’m really excited to see people’s reaction to having a Mercedes C300 out on a race track,» says Nate Vincent,  Director of Motorsport at FCP Euro. «After growing up around BMW’s, this is a challenge I’m really looking forward to. American Endurance Racing is one of the top endurance racing series in the country, and the C300 is a fantastic platform to represent FCP Euro.»

FCP Euro is an online retailer of OEM, OE, and Genuine auto parts for European cars, specializing in Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Audi, VW, and Porsche parts. «We have been selling European auto parts online since 2001, and we are honored to put our FCP Euro brand on a new and exciting Mercedes Benz this year,» said FCP Euro President and Founder, Nick Bauer. «The team at FCP Euro has done a phenomenal job of putting this car together » FCP Euro CEO, Scott Drozd continued, «Building a race car in under two months is no small feat and reinforces the strength of the team we have at FCP Euro.»

Rowe Motor Oil and Rein Automotive are also providing support.

«We are thrilled to be involved with the American Endurance Racing series for 2017,» stated Ken Mooney, Marketing Manager for Atlantic IM. «It gives us the opportunity to translate our long standing involvement in endurance racing in Europe, with our newest venture here in North America. The car was designed with the successful ROWE racing tradition in mind, and we look forward to success with FCP Euro, and the entire American Endurance Racing series this upcoming race season!»

In German, ‘rein’ means ‘pure.’ And in the automotive industry, the Rein Automotive name has quickly come to stand for quality and reliability. Trevor Potter, Vice President of Sales stated, «CRP Automotive is excited to gain the exposure for the REIN Automotive brand for the that the American Endurance Racing forum offers. We not only will be able to reach the enthusiast driver network, but a limitless opportunity to reach spectators and other media coverage.»