Azerbaijan’s Caspian Marine Services opens branch in Astrakhan

Azerbaijan's Caspian Marine Services opens branch in Astrakhan

Azerbaijan’s Caspian Marine Services company opened a branch in Astrakhan, a statement posted on the official portal of the Astrakhan region of Russia says.

A representative office of the company in Russia will be headed by Zamig Ismayilov, the statement said.

«Caspian Marine Services was supposed to be a branch of the Azerbaijan Caspian Sea Shipping Company,” the statement said. “But the management decided to register a legal entity in Astrakhan.»

Rauf Valiyev, the head of the Azerbaijan Caspian Sea Shipping Company, expressed hope that the Azerbaijani company will become the largest taxpayer in the Astrakhan region, the statement said.

Konstantin Markelov, the Vice-Governor of the Astrakhan region, expressed confidence that the opening of the representative office will be the starting point to increase the volume of goods transported across the Caspian Sea and their nomenclature.

«I hope that we will resume a regular ferry service between the ports of Olya and Baku and establish contacts in the field of shipbuilding and ship repair,» Markelov said.

The main activity of the Caspian Marine Services Limited is to render the ship repair and marine vessel management services.

These vessels are used in oil and gas projects.