Домой SMI Australia’s tax office loses petabyte of data

Australia’s tax office loses petabyte of data

The Australian Taxation Office’s website hit a digital iceberg this week, sinking to «not available» status. But the government office now has a bigger problem: It’s lost a petabyte of data, reports ITNews.

That’s 1,000 terabytes, which is 20,000 dual-layer Blu-ray discs worth of data or roughly 500,000 hours of HD streaming. With all that data, you could watch «Sharknado 3» on Netflix over 333,000 times.

Fortunately, the tax office had a backup system put into place. Unfortunately, the backup system fell victim to the same issue that downed the original network storage system.

«Our primary backup systems, that should have kicked in immediately, were also affected,» CIO Steve Hamilton said in a statement. «We understand this is the first time this problem has been encountered anywhere in the world.»

However, ATO assured Australians that «no taxpayer information has been compromised.»