Angela Merkel says EU and Turkey must stick to migration deal


The European Union and Turkey must honour their commitments to each other, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a bid to cool a row threatening a key migration deal, Reuters reported.

«The refugee deal with Turkey, I think, this agreement is in the mutual interest of both sides,» Merkel told members of her conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) during a regional conference in the northern city of Neumuenster.

«And that’s why we as Europeans must meet our commitments and Turkey must do the same,» Merkel said, adding that the deal had helped to control the influx of migrants and fight human trafficking.

Asked by a CDU member if she had an alternative plan in case the deal with Ankara should fall apart, Merkel said: «I have no plan B… it’s difficult but I’m working hard to make sure that this plan is being implemented. And I’m also working hard to make sure we reach similar agreements with other countries.»