Palmali and LUKoil signed a contract for transportation and cargo Caspian fields

28 декабря 2011г.

Baku, Fineko/ Palmali LLC (a member of group of companies Palmali) has entered into a long-term charter contract with LUKoil and started construction of transport & assembling barge (TMB), equipped with a self-propelled air-operated crane.

Palmali says that with taking into account the due dates of construction it was considered an organizational option of building providing inter-factory cooperation — construction of two semi-hulls at shipyard «Besiktas» (Yalova, Turkey). The final docking and assembly work will be carried out at one of the shipyards in Astrakhan (Russia).

In accordance with LUKoil’s technical requirements TMB is intended for operation in the Caspian region with the possibility of relocation to other regions. The main dimensions, the positioning system, load capacity and minimum draft of the loaded barge, allowed for the passage via the Volga-Caspian channel, has not analogues in the Caspian region.

The T-shape dumb barge is designed to ensure installation of large heavy topsides of offshore fixed platforms weighing up to 13 tons, their transportation and installation on support units by float-over method, piling of substructures, subsea risers, installation of interim bridges and other crane and assembly operations.

TMB consists of a rectangular main pontoon and two rectangular outriggers. Connection of outriggers with the main pontoon will be split. The body frame of pontoon and outriggers is divided by longitudinal and transverse bulkheads into dry compartments and tanks of liquid ballast.

Placement of topsides of platforms and some large construction units is provided on the main pontoon cargo deck. Special freight tracks on the TMB cargo deck are designed for installation of topsides.

As deck cargo to be carried by the TMB there were considered topsides of platforms, designed for oil fields in the northern Caspian Sea.

The TMB project was developed by Central Design Bureau “Koral» (Sevastopol, Ukraine). When developing the TMB project there were taken into account all the requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, international conventions, and applicable requirements of federal laws and standards of Russia.

Main pontoon length: 140 m.

Width of the main pontoon: 30 m.

Outrigger length: 40 m.

Width of outrigger: 16 m.

Depth: 7 m.

TMB width with outriggers: 62.12 pm

Offshore mobile air-operated jib crane will be installed on the TMB deck for assembly and piling work at sea. Crane lifting capacity when dealing with supply vessels (overload and installation of the transitional bridge) at radius of 20 m is 400 tons. When piling at radius of 42 m is 150 tons. When dealing with supply vessels (unloading of piles) at radius of 33 m is 150 tons.

Technological anchor positioning system provides positioning of TMB with accuracy of +/- 0.5 m.

Palmali carried out supervision over construction of sea transshipment complex «Yuri Korchagin», and now is the operator of the complex. In 2010, Palmali LLC (Rostov-on-Don) started transporting oil from the commissioned sea transshipment complex «Yuri Korchagin» in the northern Caspian Sea.


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