New Online Newspaper — News in the Right Context at offers readers a colossal collection of daily updated headlines to choose from, with an original take on providing only the most relevant worldwide news.

The website’s primary principles and goals

EvoNews is a new online newspaper that aims to offer relevant information that covers not only breaking news and current worldwide headlines, with a specific focus on UK and US top headlines but also the stories behind the news. This website, actually, puts information into context and helps readers make well-informed decisions in everyday life.

Complexity at its finest

Readers can explore a large array of topics, such as World News, Business, Tech & Science, Entertainment and numerous others. Additionally, each category has its own sub-chapters to bring even more diversity to the table. The site’s visitors can even enjoy a video gallery to get more specific details and visual elements.

Whether they stir controversy or mesmerise their readers, one thing is certain: the attention-grabbing headlines on are designed to constantly keep people up to date with the most interesting subjects happening worldwide.

Significant and captivating information

Through its highly adaptive nature, offers the public a chance to read some popular, of-the-moment and sometimes downright shocking stories. This way, the website supports the importance of staying up-to-date in a world that is always changing at a hugely accelerated pace.

The vital nature of user-friendliness

The website allows people to focus on what they are interested in and expand their knowledge base with compelling information happening in the world they live in, daily. was created while keeping in mind the fact that people like variety. It eventually gets boring to focus on just one thing all the time. This is why this professionally designed news website specialises in accurately researching and formulating fascinating information in an excellent, professional and, most importantly, relevant manner.

Not only that, is constantly updated with fresh information. The website keeps everything of-the-moment and thoroughly cites its sources.

The partnership behind the project

This editorial project, powered by Mandarine International, is led by a team of enthusiastic young but experienced journalists. works with one of the most renowned media authorities in the world, Thomson Reuters.

A motivated team of believers

The people on the team in charge of running the website and keeping it fresh are constantly engaged with and aware of what they could be reporting while living their everyday lives. Their work is a state of mind. You could say they are passionate about life itself, and what better way of living life than to immerse yourself deep into society and its most intriguing events?

These clever reporters take extra care to stay relevant and go by a very simple but effective guideline: «Don’t report onto others what you don’t find interesting yourself.» Because, as we all know, a writer’s genuine interest makes a huge difference regarding quality.

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